Video Classes

All virtual machines reflect the presence of an emulated S3 video controller and an accelerated, synthetic video controller.

Each display controller has a video head object associated with it. Only one display controller can be active in a virtual machine at any time.

A terminal connection is present for every active remote session connected to a virtual machine.

The following are virtualization WMI classes related to video.

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Class Description
Represents the state of the emulated S3 controller that is present in each virtual machine configuration.
Represents the state of the synthetic display controller that is present in each virtual machine configuration.
Associates a virtual computer system with a terminal connection.
Indicates the state of an active remote session interacting with a virtual computer system.
Manages all remote terminal connections to a particular host.
Describes the primary drawing surface on a display controller.
Associates a video head with the video controller that includes it.

Virtualization WMI Classes