ParentalControls.PromptForPin Method

Displays a page that requires the user to enter the four-digit parental control code before allowing access to restricted content.


public void PromptForPin(
   ParentalPromptCompletedCallback parentalControlCallback



Microsoft.MediaCenter.ParentalPromptCompletedCallback.  The name of a ParentalPromptCompletedCallback delegate. Windows Media Center calls this delegate, passing a value that indicates whether the user entered the correct parental control code.

Return Value

This method does not return a value.


When the page is dismissed, Windows Media Center passes one of the following values to the parentalControlCallback parameter:

Value Description
0 The user entered an incorrect parental control code.
1 The user entered the correct parental control code.

Important   An on-demand application must not use this method. The application would need to block execution while waiting for the result to be passed to its delegate. However, the application cannot block execution without also blocking the execution of Windows Media Center, meaning that the result would never reach the delegate.


Reference: Microsoft.MediaCenter

Namespace: Microsoft.MediaCenter

Assembly: Microsoft.MediaCenter.dll

Platform: Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, and later

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