Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling Namespace

This namespace is part of the Click-to-Record API, which enables applications to programmatically schedule the recording of TV programs.

Note   The Click-to-Record API (the Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Epg and Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling namespaces) are supported on x86 and AMD64 platforms, but are not supported when called from 32-bit applications that are running in a 32-bit emulator on an AMD64 platform (also known as WOW64). If your application is a combination of managed and unmanaged code, you must compile two versions to support both platforms. If your code is entirely managed, it is platform neutral and the compiled binary can be run on both x86 and AMD64 platforms.

The following types are in the Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling namespace, which is in the ehRecObj.dll assembly.

Note   When compiling an application that uses any class in the Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling namespace, the BDATunePIA.dll and stdole.dll files may be copied to your binary directory. However, you should not include these files in your application package.

The Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling namespace exposes the following classes:

Class Description
EventSchedule Handles scheduled recordings and recorded items, and creates and retrieves requests. This class can also be used as an event source.
EventScheduleException Contains information about an exception raised by the EventSchedule API.
ExtendedPropertyExceededLimitException This exception is thrown by the ScheduleEvent.GetExtendedProperty method when a property is queried too many times.
ScheduleEvent Represents a scheduled recording event.
ScheduleEventChangedEventArgs Contains arguments that are passed to the delegate of the ScheduleEventStateChanged event.
ScheduleRequest Provides information about a recording request.

The Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling namespace exposes the following structure:

Structure Description
ScheduleEventChange Contains information about changes to scheduled recording events.

The Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling namespace exposes the following eumeration types:

Enumeration Description
ConflictResolutionPolicy Contains values that indicate how the CreateScheduleRequest method should handle conflicts.
CreateScheduleRequestResult Contains values that indicate the result of a recording request from the EventSchedule.CreateScheduleRequest method.
ScheduleEventStates Contains the possible states of a scheduled recording event.

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