PageSession Class

Used for navigating to other pages. This class does not implement a page stack but rather allows you to work with one page. If you need a page stack, use the HistoryOrientedPageSession class, which is derived from PageSession and implements an internal page stack for tracking page navigation.


public class PageSession : ApplicationSession

Public Instance Constructors

Constructor Description
PageSession Initializes a new instance of the PageSession class.

Public Instance Methods

Method Description
Close Closes the application.
GoToPage Navigates to a specific page.

Protected Instance Methods

Method Description
CreateUiHost Allows classes to do a one-time extensive intialization when loading UI.
OnNavigate Called when the NavigateCommand element is invoked in the application. The parameters from NavigateCommand are passed directly to this method.
LoadPage Loads a page.

Public Static Properties

Property Description
Current Gets the current page.

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