Tuning Class

Enables applications to issue detailed XML-based requests to the current tuner. Optionally, applications can also suppress certain non-critical components of the Windows Media Center TV user interface (UI).

Tuning requests are asynchronous, and the combination of a PropertyChanged event and the Tuning.ChannelState property allow an application to recognize when a tune request is no longer pending.

  public class Tuning : MarshalByRefObject, Microsoft.MediaCenter.UI.IPropertyObject


Public Instance Methods

Method Description
Tune Issues XML requests to the tuner and requests that non-critical Windows Media Center TV UI be suppressed.

Public Instance Properties

Property Description
ChannelState Gets a value that indicates whether a tune request is currently in progress.

Public Instance Events

Event Description
PropertyChanged Event Fires when the ChannelState property changes.


Reference: Microsoft.MediaCenter.ITVVM

Namespace: Microsoft.MediaCenter.TVVM

Assembly: Microsoft.MediaCenter.ITVVM.dll

Platform: Windows 7

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