IDiscWriterApp.FitToDisc Property

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the fit-to-disc feature is on or off.


public bool FitToDisc {get; set;}

Property Value

System.Boolean. It is true if fit-to-disc is on, and false if it is off.

This property is read/write.


Fit-to-disc is a DVD-V/VCD feature that enables a CD/DVD recording application to re-transcode files to make more content fit on the disc. The application should set this property to false so that fit-to-disc is off by default. At the appropriate time, Windows Media Center will prompt the user to choose whether to turn fit-to-disc on. The application can cause this prompt by raising the FitToDiscException in response to the IListMakerApp.ItemAdded method.

The application should prompt the user only when the space constraints of the disc have been exceeded. If the user chooses to enable fit-to-disc, Windows Media Center sets the FitToDisc property to true and adds the list item again. Also, Windows Media Center queries the IListMakerApp.CapacityFormat property again, so the application can to change to a "Counting Up" format, if needed.


Reference: Microsoft.MediaCenter

Namespace: Microsoft.MediaCenter.ListMaker

Assembly: Microsoft.MediaCenter.dll

Platform: Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, and later

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