Media State Aggregation Service Reference

The Ehmediastatus.idl file that is included in the Windows Media Center SDK defines the interfaces, structures, and enumeration types that are used by a media status sink component.

Note   The Media State Aggregation Service API has been deprecated.

To receive status information from the media state aggregation service (MSAS), a driver or other software component must implement the interfaces below:

Interface Description
IMediaStatusSession Passes media status properties to the media status sink.
IMediaStatusSink Initializes the media status sink and creates a media status session.

A driver or other software component can use the following structures and enumeration types to process media status notifications that are sent to its media status sink:

Structure or Enumeration Type Description
MEDIASTATUSPROPERTY Contains a media status property that has changed.
MEDIASTATUSPROPERTYTAG Contains values that identify properties of media status notifications.

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