Interacting with the User

If you need to request information from the user, prompt the user to take action, or inform the user about a change that was made, you can use the following interactions:

You must define the interactions in the troubleshooting manifest. To invoke the interactions, specify the interaction's ID when you call the Get-DiagInput cmdlet from your troubleshooter, resolver, or verifier scripts. The RequiresInteractivity node of the Script definition must be set to true.

Customizing Interactions

Each interaction contains an ExtensionPoint element. You can use the ExtensionPoint element to customize the interaction. For example, you can add additional information to the interaction or set the default value or selections for the interaction. See each interaction for the extension points that they support.

The extension points are used only by the WTP wizard (MSDT.exe); the extension points are not supported by the command-line client using the Invoke-TroubleshootingPack cmdlet.