RegistryPolicy Constructor (Domain, String, Boolean)


Initializes a new instance of the RegistryPolicy class by using the specified Domain, the display name of the Group Policy object (GPO), and a value that specifies whether to open the GPO in read-only mode.

Namespace:   Microsoft.GroupPolicy
Assembly:  Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Management (in Microsoft.GroupPolicy.Management.dll)


public RegistryPolicy(
    Domain domain,
    string gpoDisplayName,
    bool readOnly
    Domain^ domain,
    String^ gpoDisplayName,
    bool readOnly
new : 
        domain:Domain *
        gpoDisplayName:string *
        readOnly:bool -> RegistryPolicy
Public Sub New (
    domain As Domain,
    gpoDisplayName As String,
    readOnly As Boolean


  • gpoDisplayName
    Type: System.String

    The display name of the GPO to edit.

  • readOnly
    Type: System.Boolean

    true to open the GPO in read-only mode; otherwise, false.


This constructor calls the GroupPolicyExtension constructor and OpenGpo methods. Exceptions thrown from those methods will be passed back to the caller of this constructor.

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