IP Route Provider

The preinstalled IP Route provider supplies IPV4 network routing information, including (but not limited to) the information available through the route print command. This provider allows you to examine how packets are routed through the network to and from a particular machine. The provided data comes from the IP4 route tables and the persisted route table in the registry. The provider allows update of a route table entry, assuming all the property values to be written are valid. It also supplies events for route table changes.

The IP Route provider supplies only IPv4 data, not IPv6. For more information, see IPv6 and IPv4 Support in WMI.

The names of the __Win32Provider instances that implement the IP Route functionality are "RouteProvider"and "RouteEventProvider".

As an instance and event provider, the IP Route provider implements the standard IWbemProviderInit interface and the following IWbemServices methods:

The IP Route provider supports the following classes:

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