Windows CE 5.0 Removed Functionality

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Some areas of operating system functionality are not present in Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0, as described in the following list. For information about individual changes within specific areas of functionality, see Migrating Windows CE OS Functionality.

  • Windows CE 5.0 does not support Direct3D (SYSGEN_DIRECT3D) or the Direct3D Reference Rasterizer (SYSGEN_DIRECT3D_RAST). All applications and drivers that used these technologies in previous versions of Windows CE must be ported to Direct3D Mobile and the Direct3D Mobile Reference Driver. For more information, see Direct3D Mobile Migration.
  • Windows CE 5.0 does not support DirectSound. All applications that used DirectSound in previous version of Windows CE must be ported to use waveform audio. For more information, see Waveform Audio.

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