Adding a Device Driver to an OS Design (Windows CE 5.0)

After you edit the project files, you must add your device driver to the OS design. Including the device driver in the OS design ensures that it is built into the run-time image and transferred to the target device as part of the OS.

To add a device driver to an OS design

  1. In the Workspace window, on the ParameterView tab, navigate to the Project Specific Files folder, in the folder for your target device.

    For example, if your target device is a CEPC, the Project Specific Files folder is located under CEPC.

  2. Double-click to open the Project.bib file.

  3. In the MODULES section, which lists executable files that are included in the run-time image, type the name of the DLL.

    The FILES section lists support files that the DLL requires.

    For more information about the formats used, see MODULES Section and FILES Section.

  4. Save the Project.bib file.

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