BSP Wizard Overview (Windows CE 5.0)

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The BSP Wizard guides you through creating a Windows CE-based board support package (BSP).

Windows CE provides BSPs for several retail reference hardware platforms that represent a range of supported microprocessors. For a list of supported BSPs, see Supported Board Support Packages.

To view the source code in these samples, see the %_WINCEROOT%\Platform\<BSP name> directory. The availability of these directories on your development workstation depends on the BSPs you chose to install when you installed Platform Builder on your development workstation.

Depending on your place in the development process, you can use the BSP Wizard in different ways to help you in different aspects of creating a BSP.

You can perform the following operations with the BSP Wizard:

If you create a BSP for Windows CE, Platform Builder provides an infrastructure that lets you use a number of common driver libraries, which include the following:

  • Microprocessor-specific drivers
  • Support libraries
  • Device drivers
  • Global drivers

For more information about creating a BSP, see How to Create a Board Support Package.

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