Project Menu Options (Windows CE 5.0)

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The options on the Project menu enable you to add and modify projects in an OS design.

The following options are available.

Command Description
Insert Use to insert a new class, resource, copy of a resource, file, or existing project into the workspace.
Set Project Build Order Use to configure the order that the projects in the workspace are built in.
Settings Use to configure settings for a project.
Open Use to open an existing project.
Open Makefile Use to open an existing makefile file.
Find in Files Use to perform a search in multiple files.
Explore Use to open an instance of Microsoft Windows Explorer, which opens at the currently selected directory on the FileView tab.
Show in Favorites Use to add the selected folder to the Favorites folder on the FileView tab.

Favorites are saved in the %PBWORKSPACEROOT%\<OS Design Name>.pbxml.user file.

Open Build Window Use to open a command-line prompt build window, typically in the %_WINCEROOT% directory.
Remove Use to remove the selected item from the active project.

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