GetIfTable (Windows CE 5.0)

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This function retrieves the MIB-II interface table.



  • pIfTable
    [out] Pointer to a buffer containing the interface table as a MIB_IFTABLE structure.
  • pdwSize
    [in, out] The size of the buffer pointed to by the pIfTable parameter. If the buffer is not large enough to hold the returned interface table, the function sets this parameter equal to the required buffer size.
  • bOrder
    [in] TRUE if the interface table should be sorted in ascending order by interface index, and FALSE otherwise.

Return Values

Returns NO_ERROR if successful. If the function fails, it returns an error code. For a complete list of error codes, see Error Values or the SDK header file Winerror.h.


OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Iphlpapi.h.
Link Library: Iphlpapi.lib.

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