Microsoft Server Appliance Kit 2.0

Microsoft Server Appliance Kit 2.0

The Microsoft® Server Appliance Kit 2.0 enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly create headless, fixed-function server appliance products based on the Microsoft Windows® operating system. The Server Appliance Kit also enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to quickly develop Web user interface (UI) and Local UI plug-ins that can be included in server appliance products, and provides documentation for independent hardware vendors (IHVs) to develop hardware reference platforms from which to build server appliance products.

The Server Appliance Kit includes build documentation, an OEM pre-install kit (OPK), a hardware reference specification, a driver development kit (DDK), a software development kit (SDK), and target software components. The target software components include a Web UI framework, Local UI framework, and Reliability framework. The Server Appliance Kit also provides features that plug into these frameworks to perform tasks such as configuring a network, setting date and time, setting the language, and updating server appliance software from a Web browser.

OEM and ISV developers can use the SDK to build custom server appliance features that plug into the Server Appliance Kit frameworks. This process is described in the Use Scenario Developing a Web UI plug-in. IHV and OEM hardware developers can use the hardware reference specification and DDK to develop a server appliance hardware platform. This process is described in the Use Scenario Developing a Compliant Hardware Platform. OEM engineers can use the build procedures to develop server appliance images as described in the following Use Scenarios:


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