Welcome to Windows XP Embedded

**  Windows XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007**



Microsoft Windows XP Embedded

Welcome to Windows XP Embedded

Microsoft Windows XP Embedded is the successor to Windows NT® Embedded 4.0. Based on the same binary files as Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Embedded enables you to rapidly develop reliable and full-featured connected devices. This Help collection provides information about new and existing features and technologies supported in Windows XP Embedded. Tutorials, technical support, and documentation updates are offered to help you quickly learn the basics of Windows XP Embedded, assist you with unique questions, and keep you informed about the latest product developments.

The following documentation can help you build a Windows XP Embedded operating system that includes your custom components.

Aa460432.bullet(en-US,WinEmbedded.5).gif How-to Topics

Introduces major Windows XP Embedded development procedures and offers links to the appropriate topics.

Aa460432.bullet(en-US,WinEmbedded.5).gif Getting Started

Discusses the Windows Embedded Studio tools, a broad range of new and enhanced product features, and how you can create customized embedded run-times. Includes the following topics:

Aa460432.bullet(en-US,WinEmbedded.5).gif About Windows XP Embedded

Provides both broad overviews and detailed discussions of individual operating system (OS) features, such as components and configurations.

Aa460432.bullet(en-US,WinEmbedded.5).gif Development Process Overview

Reviews the stages of creating and deploying a run-time image. The following topics contain information on features, procedures, and considerations for each phase:

  1. Identify Target Device Hardware
  2. Author Components and Customize Shells
  3. Design a Run-Time Image
  4. Add Security Features to a Run-Time Image
  5. Deploy a Run-Time Image
  6. Manage and Service a Run-Time Image

If you are new to Windows XP Embedded or embedded development, see Getting Started to obtain an in-depth overview of the run-time image building process with links to topics that cover specific aspects of run-time image development.

You must have a license agreement to distribute components or platforms that you develop with Windows XP Embedded. For more information, see this Microsoft Web site.


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