Event Log

The Event Log component is a dynamic-link library (DLL) that runs as part of Services.exe. This component stores and retrieves events that can be viewed in the event viewer. By default, there are three types of logs: Security, System, and Application.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

No other components interact with this component.


There are no configurable settings for this component.


The following table shows the functions that this component includes.

Function Description
BackupEventLog Saves the specified event log to a backup file.
ClearEventLog Clears the specified event log, and can save the current copy of the log file to a backup file.
CloseEventLog Closes a read handle to the specified event log.
DeregisterEventSource Closes a write handle to the specified event log.
GetEventLogInformation Retrieves information about the specified event log.
GetNumberOfEventLogRecords Retrieves the number of records in the specified event log.
GetOldestEventLogRecord Retrieves the absolute record number of the oldest record in the specified event log.
NotifyChangeEventLog Enables an application to receive notification when an event is written to the specified event log file.
OpenBackupEventLog Opens a handle to a backup event log.
OpenEventLog Opens a handle to an event log.
ReadEventLog Reads a whole number of entries from the specified event log.
RegisterEventSource Retrieves a registered handle to an event log.
ReportEvent Writes an entry at the end of the specified event log.

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