HID UPS Battery

The HID UPS Battery component provides support for a USB-attached uninterruptable power supply (UPS) unit.

A UPS provides constant power to a computer system when a power fluctuation or power loss occurs. Built-in electronics constantly monitor line voltages. If the line voltage fluctuates above or below predefined limits, or fails entirely, the UPS supplies power to the computer system from built-in batteries. The UPS converts the direct current (DC) battery voltage into the alternating current (AC) voltage required by the computer system. The change to batteries must take place very rapidly to prevent data loss.

A device is configured to provide either the main power or its own power source and to switch from one to the other as necessary. When main power is available, the UPS device connects the main power directly to the computer and monitors the main power voltage level. When the main power fails or the voltage falls below an acceptable level, the UPS device switches to its own power.


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