Remote Management with the Computer Management Tool (Compmgmt.msc)

Microsoft Windows XP Embedded includes the Computer Management tool (Compmgmt.msc) in the Administration Support Tools component. You can use the Computer Management tool to remotely manage a Windows XP Embedded-based device. Remote management capabilities can be especially helpful for debugging applications and services on a remote device.

The Computer Management tool provides Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins that you can use to perform common computer management tasks and to compile information about both local and remote computers. This information includes:

  • Event viewer logs
  • Shared folders
  • Local users and groups accounts
  • Performance logs and alerts
  • Device Manager
  • Storage devices (including Removable Storage, Disk Defragmenter, and Disk Management MMC snap-ins)
  • Services and applications (including the Services snap-in)

To connect to a remote device using the Computer Management tool

  1. On your development machine, open a command window. At the command prompt, type: COMPMGMT.MSC

  2. On the Action menu, select Connect to another computer...

  3. Type in the name of the Windows XP Embedded-based device that you want to connect to, and click OK.

    The name of the Windows XP Embedded-based device appears in parentheses next to Computer Management. You can now manage the device remotely.

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