POS for .NET API Support (POS for .NET v1.14 SDK Documentation)


The Microsoft Point of Service for .NET (POS for .NET) class library supports the development of POS applications with Base classes that support POS devices, exceptions, and events. The POS for .NET class library also provides applications with the ability to discover and load Service Objects using the PosExplorer and DeviceInfo classes.

In This Section

  • PosExplorer Class
    Describes the PosExplorer class, a key component of POS for .NET functionality.
  • Exception Classes
    Describes the POS exception classes and their associated ErrorCode properties.
  • PosCommon Class
    Describes the PosCommon class, the Base class upon which each Service Object class or interface is built.
  • Developing a POS Application
    Provides an overview of POS for .NET API support and supplies links to important POS for .NET device classes and conceptual Help topics.
  • Microsoft.PointOfService
    Contains the POS for .NET API topics, including the PosExplorer and PosCommon classes, as well as interfaces for specific POS devices.