Service Object Samples: Getting Started (POS for .NET v1.14 SDK Documentation)


Microsoft Point of Service for .NET (POS for .NET) provides a class tree which implements most of the functionality required by the Unified Point Of Service (UnifiedPOS) specification. In many cases, the Service Object developer only needs to implement the methods and properties required to operate the specific piece of hardware, for which the Service Object is being written.

This section provides a step-by-step guide to creating a simple, but functional sample Service Object for a Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) device.

In This Section

  • Creating a Service Object Sample
    Describes how the sample code implements the methods needed to compile the sample. The Service Object will now be recognized by POS for .NET applications, but has no functionality.
  • Introducing Service Object Reader Threads
    Introduces the concept of multithreaded programming in Service Objects. A sample thread helper class is included upon which other multithreaded Service Object samples are built.
  • Creating a Working, Multithreaded Service Object
    Implements a complete Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) Service Object. It expands the appropriate methods from the earlier sample so that it returns data to the application. In addition, it uses the thread helper class from the previous section to start and stop a separate read thread.
  • System Configuration
    Describes how to configure POS for .NET to meet the needs of your installation.