POS for .NET Service Object Architecture (POS for .NET v1.14 SDK Documentation)


There are features and design elements in Microsoft Point of Service for .NET (POS for .NET) that must be taken into account by Service Object developers. This section includes topics discussing several of these important concepts.

In This Section

  • POS for .NET Class Tree
    Provides an overview of the POS for .NET class structure. POS for .NET Service Object classes are derived from an appropriate class in this tree.
  • Hydra Devices
    Provides a broad overview of the problems involved when developing for hardware that may be in use by several Service Objects simultaneously.
  • Plug and Play Support
    Provides an overview of Plug and Play support available to Service Object developers.
  • POS for .NET Architecture
    Describes the components that support developers writing POS applications as well as peripheral device hardware vendors writing .NET-based Service Objects.
  • System Configuration
    Describes how to configure POS for .NET to meet the requirements of your installation.