Extensible Emulator

The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework includes a powerful hardware emulator that you can enhance and extend to suit your needs when creating embedded systems for hardware devices. With the emulator, you can do much of your development and testing before your hardware is actually built. This section of the .NET Micro Framework Platform SDK describes the capabilities and uses of the emulator.


If you have the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit, you can use managed code to extend the emulator so that it supports your own hardware. When you do so you must reference Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.dll and Microsoft.SPOT.Emulator.Interface.dll, which are now shipped in the tools\build folder of the porting kit.

In This Section

  • Extensible Emulator Overviews
    The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework provides a set of tools that enable you to emulate your hardware in software. With this extensible hardware emulator, you can have both your hardware and your software in development concurrently. This section provides an introduction to the extensible emulator.

  • Extensible Emulator References
    The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework hardware emulator is a collection of extensible objects configured using XML files. This section provides references for the collection of objects and for the XML tags used in the configuration files.