Windows Automotive 5.0 and 5.5

Windows Automotive is an automotive-grade open software platform that provides carmaker, suppliers, and developers with the building blocks necessary to quickly and reliably create a broad range of advanced in-vehicle solutions to meet the growing needs of automotive consumers.

Windows Automotive 5.0 has been used widely by world-leading suppliers to build infotainment systems for car manufacturers worldwide and aftermarket devices. This document is updated to include information on Windows Automotive versions 5.0 Service Pack 1, Service Pack 2, and 5.5 where applicable.

In this section:

Using Windows Automotive
Gives an overview of the product Windows Automotive and its technical features in version 5.0. The document also covers basic thinking around building an automotive infotainment system using Windows Automotive. Includes information on Ready Guard, chapter 14, updated in version 5.5.

Application Programming Guide
Provides a design overview and explains development methods, examples, samples, and other concepts concerning middle and high level applications that use Windows Automotive.

Introduction to Automotive UI Toolkit
Describes the overview and configuration of Windows Automotive UI Toolkit and the knowledge required to build skins. This document also includes introductions to the XML skin definition format and the AUI Skin Tool, which is used to create skins through GUI.

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