MIPS Compiler (Compact 7)


The following table shows compiler switches for MIPS microprocessors.

Option Description

/QMmips<version> - Generate Code for Specific MIPS ISA

Generates code for MIPS I, II, III, V, 32, and 64 Instruction Set Architectures (ISA)s.

/QMmips16 - Generate Code for MIPS16 ASE

Generates code for MIPS16 ASE.

/QMFPE - Floating Point Emulation

Enables floating-point emulation, using floating-point hardware.

/QMR<processor> - Optimize for Specific MIPS chip

Enables chip-specific inline assembler for Phillips PR3900, NEC VR4100, NEC VR4200. and NEC VR4300, and generates code for corresponding MIPS ISA.

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