Implementing an Event Tracking Library (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


You can create a new event-tracking library by making a DLL that loads into the kernel. The kernel calls your functions to log events, change zone settings, and query DLL zone settings.

To load your library into the kernel, create an application that calls LoadKernelLibrary with the name of your DLL.

For an example, see the sample program in %_WINCEROOT%\public\common\sdk\samples\CeLog\load. Note that LoadKernelLibrary requires both your event tracking DLL and your load application to be privileged applications. After your application loads your library into the kernel, the application can exit. The event-tracking library remains loaded into the kernel.

In This Section

  • CeLog Table Interfaces
    Describes the primary interface between the kernel and an event tracking library implementation.
  • CeLog IOCTL Interface
    Describes the IOCTL interface that your library can use call to communicate with the kernel.
  • Logging Event Data
    Describes how to use CeLog viewing and flushing tools from a custom library.

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