Connecting to a Target Device with a Remote Tool (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


To use a remote tool, you must establish a connection between your development workstation and a target device. The first time that you start a remote tool, you must select a named device. A device is a Platform Manager object that stores information that enables Platform Manager to connect to a physical target device. For information about how to change the settings for a device, see Configuring the Connection to a Target Device Using Platform Manager.

After you select a device, Platform Manager uses the information stored in the device to connect the remote tool to the physical target device. The next time that you start a remote tool during your session, Platform Manager displays a dialog box that enables you to connect to the device that you selected. If you do not want Platform Manager to connect the remote tool to this particular target device, you can manually select a different device.

To connect to a target device with a remote tool

  1. Configure the connection to the target device by using the Target Device Connectivity Options Dialog Box.

    From the Target menu, select Connectivity Options dialog box, select Core Service Settings, and then verify that the Enable access to desktop files check box is selected.

  2. From the Target menu, select Remote Tools, and then select the tool you want to use.

  3. From the Select a Windows CE Device dialog box, select the name of the device you want to connect, and then select OK.

    The Connecting To Device progress window appears that indicates the status of the connection.

  4. The first time that you open a remote tool during a development session, the Find Executable dialog box appears requesting a path for CEFWCLI.EXE. Enter the following path:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows CE Tools\Platman\target\wce600\<TargetCPUFamily>

    In the previous path, <TargetCPUFamily> is the name of the CPU family for your target device.

  5. Click OK. After you click OK, the selected remote tool opens with a connection to the target device.

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