Querying WAN Miniport Driver Information (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


An upper-layer driver calls the NdisRequest functions with a query request to determine WAN-specific capabilities and status of a particular WAN miniport driver and the miniport driver's NIC. After the NDISWAN driver forwards the query request, NDIS calls the WAN miniport driver's query-request function, MiniportQueryInformation. In a standard WAN miniport driver, this function is the same as in a LAN miniport NIC driver, except that the WAN miniport driver recognizes NDIS Objects for WAN Miniports.

If the particular WAN miniport driver completes either NdisRequest asynchronously by returning a status of NDIS_STATUS_PENDING, it must complete the query later by calling a completion function. This completion function is NdisMQueryInformationComplete.

When NDIS calls the particular WAN miniport driver's query-request function, NDIS passes a pointer to the NDIS_REQUEST structure that contains the query object identifier and a buffer to hold the information retrieved from the WAN miniport driver. The WAN miniport driver controls this buffer until the request completes. If the number of bytes specified in the InformationBufferLength member of NDIS_REQUEST is insufficient for the information required by the object, the WAN miniport driver should fail the query request and set the BytesNeeded member of NDIS_REQUEST to the number of bytes that the object requires.

No other requests will be submitted to the particular WAN miniport driver until the current query request completes.

A WAN miniport driver must recognize and respond properly to a group of NDISWAN query objects.

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