User Mode Driver Framework Registry Settings (Compact 2013)


The following information describes the registry keys that are necessary to use the User Mode Driver Host and a User Mode Driver.

To load a driver into user mode, you should set the Flags value that is in the driver's device registry key to DEVFLAGS_LOAD_AS_USERPROC(0x10). If the device registry does not specify a ProcGroup setting, the default User Mode Driver Host launches the driver to a separate processor. If the device registry specifies a ProcGroup setting, the User Mode Driver Host that has a group ID equivalent to the ProcGroup value launches the driver. The following code example illustrates how to launch a User Mode Driver into the processor that has the same group ID.

                    ; Turn on follows for Installable ISR (isr16550 supporting SOFTWARE FIFO

The following registry key entry is an example of a User Mode Driver Host with a specific group ID.

    "ProcName"="udevice.exe"    ; Dummy for Service.exe now.

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