Customizing CETSC UI (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


Applies to Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2Update KB945975

The Windows Embedded CE Terminal Services Client (CETSC) provides several user interface (UI) features that you can customize. By customizing specific UI features in CETSC UI, you can:

  • expose additional features to the user
  • restrict or simplify the exposed functionality
  • customize UI text to reflect your branding for the Windows Embedded CE powered device

You can define customizations in a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) UI module called cetscoem.dll. You must apply changes to cetscoem.cpp before building this DLL and adding it to the run-time image. Cetscoem.dll is automatically included in a run-time image when you set SYSGEN_RDP_UI.

During run time, cetsc.exe calls the functions in cetscoem.dll to exchange information about CETSC UI and apply your changes to CETSC UI.

You can customize the CETSC UI for a Windows Embedded CE powered device that is running either the Standard Shell or the Windows Thin Client Shell.

In This Section

  • Modifying CETSC Property Page Elements
    Describes how to modify UI elements on an existing CETSC property page, including the General, Local Resources, Programs, Experience, and Advanced property pages.
  • Updating an RDP Setting from CETSC UI
    Describes how to update an RDP setting from CETSC UI, which enables you to add new UI elements to a property page that read or write additional RDP settings.


Graphics, Windowing and Events (GWES)

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