Mouse Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables (Compact 2013)


In Windows Embedded Compact, you can add mouse input support to your OS, such as accepting input from the buttons and wheel on a mouse.

The mouse is an alternative to a stylus and provides additional buttons and a mouse wheel. Applications process stylus events as a click of the left mouse button.

For more information, see Mouse.

For more information about how to add or remove catalog items, see Create Your First OS.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Requires a mouse.

Requires hardware support for a mouse, such as Bluetooth wireless technology or a USB port. For more information, see USB Host Driver Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables or Bluetooth Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables

The following table shows the catalog items and associated SYSGEN variables that you can add for mouse functionality.

Catalog item

SYSGEN variable





Provides functionality so that users can interact with applications on the device by using a mouse.


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