Loadcepc.exe File Copy Usage (Windows Embedded CE 6.0)


As a file copy tool, Loadcepc.exe verifies correct file names, sizes, and paths during the copying process and transfers files locally or through a network connection.


Loadcepc.exe only supports using the parallel connection to download run-time image binary files. When you use Loadcepc.exe with Eboot.bin, you can use the Ethernet connection to download these files; however, Eboot.bin does not support the -s, -g, -r, and -u parameters, described in the following "Parameters" section.

Loadcepc [[-s][:] Pattern] [[-g | -r | -u][:] Pattern] [Destination]


  • -s
    Shows a directory of files matching Pattern.
  • -g
    Gets files matching Pattern and copies the files to the optionally specified Destination. Any existing file with the same name is replaced.
  • -r
    Refreshes files matching Pattern that already exist in Destination and have a time stamp that is newer than the time stamp in Destination.
  • -u
    Updates files matching Pattern that do not already exist in Destination or those with a time stamp that is newer than the time stamp in Destination.
  • Pattern
    Specifies the Windows Embedded CE file path with optional wild card characters.
  • Destination
    Updates Destination on the target device that matches Pattern with files from the development workstation.

    The destination can be a directory or a file. If Destination is a file, Pattern cannot match more than one file. By default, Destination is the current directory on the target device.

    If a file does not exist on the target device, or if the existing file on the target device is older than the file that matches Pattern on the development workstation, the file from the development workstation replaces the file on the target device.

Error Messages

  • Error source path missing
    This message appears when you type an incorrect Pattern for the -g, -r, and -u parameters. Be sure Pattern matches an existing Windows Embedded CE file name path.


The following code example shows how to use Loadcepc.exe. By default, Loadcepc.exe retrieves the Nk.bin file, which contains the run-time image, from the development workstation and stores it on the local drive of the target device.

loadcepc -g 

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