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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is designed specifically for the professional embedded developer who needs software to bring a device to market. CE 6.0 helps a device maker be successful by providing a hard real-time, small-footprint operating system (OS) with a redesigned kernel and embedded-specific development tools.

Windows Embedded CE is a portfolio of tools and OS features that interoperates with industry standards and Microsoft desktop and server technologies. Windows Embedded CE enhances the ability of a developer to innovate and create differentiated devices for a broad range of device categories with rapid time to market and reduced development costs.


This topic applies to an older product version. See documentation for the most current version of Windows Embedded Compact. Or visit Windows Embedded Products & Solutions for the latest information about intelligent systems powered by Microsoft.

CE 6.0 Highlights

CE 6.0 provides hundreds of OS features, source code access, and compatibility with a variety of processor architectures. The kernel for CE 6.0 has been redesigned. A device running CE 6.0 can run a larger number of more complex applications than previous versions of the OS. CE 6.0 can run as many as 32,000 simultaneous processes, each with 2 GB of virtual memory space. The functionality of an application is generally unaffected by changes to the kernel.

CE 6.0 provides a new file system that supports larger storage media, larger file sizes, removable media encryption, and more. With CE 6.0, a device maker can provide devices for the home, work, and field that consume media, share presentations, and connect to cellular networks.

Platform Builder for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 plugs into the development environment for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. In Platform Builder, a developer can customize and build a range of small-footprint devices with real-time capabilities.

For information about new functionality in CE 6.0, see What's New in Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

For information about Windows Embedded CE, see Windows Embedded CE Overview.

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CE 6.0 Help Organization

The following table shows Help topics for CE 6.0.

Topic Description

Bringing Up a Hardware Platform

Describes how to use a board support package (BSP) to bring up a hardware platform.

Developing a Device Driver

Provides information about CE 6.0 drivers and describes processes for developing device drivers.

Developing an Operating System

Provides information about creating and modifying an OS design, building and downloading a run-time image, and configuring and building a software development kit (SDK).

Developing an Application

Describes how to develop an application for CE 6.0.


Describes where to find code samples shipped with Windows Embedded CE.

Diagnostics and Debugging for Mobile and Embedded Development

Provides information about debugging and testing.

Windows Embedded CE Test Kit

Describes the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Test Kit (CETK), which is a tool that you can use to test the functionality and performance of device drivers and related hardware for CE 6.0.

Developing a Target Device

Provides instructions for developing a device by using a design template and instructions for developing a target device without using a design template.

Compilers for Microprocessors

Provides information about compilers for microprocessor families supported by CE 6.0.

Windows Embedded CE Features

Describes features available in CE 6.0.

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