Compact Test Kit (CTK) (Compact 2013)


Learn about the tools in the Windows Embedded Compact Test Kit (CTK) for testing your Windows Embedded Compact 2013 application.

The Windows Embedded Compact Test Kit (CTK) provides various tests and tools for testing aspects of your embedded application.


The CTK is an optional application that is offered during installation of Windows Embedded Compact 2013 on a development computer.

In This Section



CTK Test Harness and Logging Mechanisms

The two test harnesses (Tux and Tux.Net) and the logging engine (Kato) that are included with the CTK.

Graph Tool

A testing tool that reads output log files that contain the results of performance tests, and displays the results graphically.


Various collections of tests for testing your embedded application.

Use the CTK on a Device Without KITL

Provides instructions for you to use the CTK without KITL.