Security Loader (Compact 7)


Security Loader, also known as the Loader Verifier Module (LVMOD), replaces the Certification Module (CERTMOD) security feature. The Security Loader is an authentication mechanism in Windows Embedded Compact that helps protect the integrity of the device by ensuring that portable executable (PE) and cabinet files are fully trusted before it allows these files to run.

LVMOD uses the following criteria to determine whether to run an application:

  • Any module loaded from read-only memory (ROM) can run.
  • Any module that is digitally signed with a certificate from the device certificate store can run. For more information about digital signing with a certificate, see Signing Binaries.
  • Any module that does not meet these criteria cannot run.

To add this feature to your OS, see Security Loader Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

For reference information, see Security Loader Reference.

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