Remote Timeline Viewer (Compact 2013)


This tool hosts the following two tools:

  • Performance Monitor¬†Measure the performance of an OS design.
  • Kernel Tracker¬†View a visual representation of OS and application events occurring the device events that happened on a device.

How to Use

To use Timeline Viewer

  1. To start Timeline Viewer, do one of the following:

    • In Platform Builder, on the Target menu, point to Remote Tools, and then click Timeline Viewer.

    • In a command-line build window prompt, type the following.

      remotetoolsshell ceTimeLineView.cetool 
  2. On the Timeline Viewer menu, click File.

  3. From the File menu, you can perform following:

    1. In the Collect Live Data, select the tool you want to run.
    2. In the Open Any option list, select a viewer based on the report type you want to view. Based on the selected viewer type, you can view the report data for a particular plug-in data format.
    3. In the Open(TimeLine Viewer)... option, you can load the .csv data files formatted for the Timeline Viewer.
    4. In the Save Selected Items as CSV or Save All Items as CSV menu, you can save the selected report formats loaded in the Timeline Viewer to .csv format.

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