Windows Embedded Developer Update (Compact 7)


This tool determines whether enhanced updates or update notifications are available for Windows Embedded Compact 7.

How to Use

The Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) performs in the following ways:

  • Automatically checks for updates following product installation
  • Automatically checks for updates on a set interval after installation
  • Can be manually set to check for updates
Scenario Description

Automatic Detection

Detection occurs when Visual Studio 2008 starts. Detection is restarted on a user-defined interval if Visual Studio 2008 remains open during that interval. If Visual Studio 2008 is closed and restarted, detection is started when the user-defined interval lapses.

Manual Selection Process

Accessed from a sub-menu item located on the Tools menu. Click Windows Embedded Update and then click Check for Updates.


To turn automatic updates on or off, click Windows Embedded Update and then click Configure Options. Select either the on or off option.


Automatic update works by registering Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools through the registration process available in the installation application. You can also register at a later time and manually set WEDU to check for updates. To register at a later time, go to Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel, click Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools, and then click Change. After the installer starts, click Update and follow the instructions that appear.

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