Multiple Site Server Hierarchy


In this example, the Configuration Manager hierarchy includes a central site server that resides at the top with multiple primary site servers underneath it. In this hierarchy, you must install Device Manager 2011 components starting from the central site server and then move down through the hierarchy to install on the lower-level primary site servers. If you have Device Manager 2011 on the central site server, you can manage devices on child primary site servers.

The following illustration shows an example of a hierarchical installation with Device Manager 2011 managing devices on multiple peer-level primary site servers.

A hierarchal installation of Device Manager 2011

The following are highlighted by number in the preceding illustration:

  1. Configuration Manager central site server with Device Manager 2011
  2. Configuration Manager primary site server
  3. Configuration Manager primary site servers managing devices by using Device Manager 2011
  4. Configuration Manager secondary site servers that have a distribution point without Device Manager 2011 installed

The Device Manager 2011 device inventory data on the primary site servers is replicated up the hierarchy to the central site server. The Device Manager 2011 dynamic collections on the primary site servers are replicated down the hierarchy. This enables reporting for site servers and devices at a lower point in the hierarchy, indicated by the report grid icons in the preceding illustration. However, primary site servers cannot share management of Device Manager 2011 objects, such as configuration items or configuration packages, so they cannot manage across peer-level collections of devices. Configuration packages, device imaging requests, and write filter advertisements can be managed only from the primary site where they were created.

For more information about how to install or upgrade to Device Manager 2011 server, see Device Manager 2011 Server Installation.


If you remove a static collection from a parent site server, the collection will also be removed from all child site servers.

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