Virtual CEPC (Compact 7)


A virtual CEPC is an instance of Windows Embedded Compact running on a virtual machine. A virtual CEPC can be a useful development tool both for OS developers and for application developers.

An OS developer creates an OS design that, when built, produces an OS run-time image. You can download this image to a virtual CEPC for testing, as long as what you are testing does not require that the image run on your target device. For more information about virtual CEPCs, see Develop with Virtual CEPC. For information about how to create an OS image for a virtual CEPC, and how to download and run it, see Create and Run a Virtual CEPC.

An application developer can run and test an application on a virtual CEPC if the application can access the devices it needs from a virtual CEPC. You can create a stand-alone virtual CEPC that includes the OS image and the software development kit (SDK) that applications require. For information about how to create an SDK and a stand-alone virtual CEPC, see Create a Stand-Alone Virtual CEPC.

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