PartitionNumber (Standard 8 Module Reference)


Review the applicable Feature modules and any examples for the PartitionNumber setting in Windows Embedded 8 Standard (Standard 8).

This setting is a positive integer that specifies the partition number of the volume that you want Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) to protect.


To determine the disk and partition numbers of the volumes that you want to protect, you can use Diskpart.exe to examine the disk configuration on the destination computer.


The following table shows the modules that you can apply this setting to. In Image Configuration Editor (ICE), you can follow the corresponding path to set this setting for a module.



Enhanced Write Filter Management Tool

Features/Lockdown/Compatibility Write Filters/Enhanced Write Filter Management Tool/ProtectedVolumes/Volume/PartitionNumber

Enhanced Write Filter

Features/Lockdown/Compatibility Write Filters/Enhanced Write Filter/ProtectedVolumes/Volume/PartitionNumber

XML Example

The following example shows how to have EWF protect partition4.

<Volume wcm:action="add">

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