XML for Windows CE (Windows CE 5.0)

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An OS design that includes MSXML for Microsoft Windows CE supports some subset of XML functionality, as determined by the hardware manufacturer. Regardless of the functionality selected by the manufacturer, a Windows CE-based device does not support the following:

  • The XSLTemplate and IXSLProcessor interfaces. There is support for XSLT through the TransformNode method, but there is no support for template caching.
  • The ServerXMLHTTP object.
  • Free threading through the FreeThreadedDOMDocument object. See Using Threads with XML for Windows CE for more information.
  • The IWinHttp interface.
  • Data Source Objects.

Backward compatibility the DOM APIs using COM interfaces. The following list shows some of the key interfaces exposed by the XML DOM:

In addition, XML for Windows CE has only limited security support. For more information, see XML DOM Security.

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