WebDAV Interoperability Issues (Windows CE 5.0)

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The following list shows some of the known interoperability issues with WebDAV:

  • On Windows 2003 Server, the WebDAV client is not enabled by default for security reasons. You need to enable the WebClient service.

  • Using Microsoft Office 2000 to connect to a Windows CE WebDAV share is not supported.

  • Copying a Microsoft FrontPageĀ® generated Web site to a Windows CE WebDAV share using FrontPage's built-in Publish Web option is not supported.

    To publish FrontPage Web sites on the Windows CE Web Server, the user should copy the files using a WebDAV client to the server. Because Windows CE server does not support FrontPage extensions, server-side options, such as FrontPage hit counter, are not supported.

  • When you use Microsoft Office on Windows XP, use Office's WebDAV redirector rather than the Windows XP file redirector.

    In general, when using Microsoft Office products it is best to use files represented by their HTTP names instead of their UNC paths. For example, use http://<Device Name>/<Virtual Root>/<File Name> instead of \\<Device Name>\<Virtual Root>\<File Name>.

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