IsProcessorFeaturePresent (Windows CE 5.0)

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This function retrieves information about the supported features in your system.

BOOL IsProcessorFeaturePresent(DWORDdwProcessorFeature);


  • dwProcessorFeature
    [in] Specifies the flag for the feature that you want to verify support for.

    The following table shows the flags for ARM processor features.

    Flag Description
    PF_ARM_V4 ARM architecture v4
    PF_ARM_V5 ARM architecture v5
    PF_ARM_V6 ARM architecture v6
    PF_ARM_V7 ARM architecture v7
    PF_ARM_THUMB Thumb instruction set
    PF_ARM_JAZELLE ARM Jazelle technology
    PF_ARM_DSP 'E' DSP instructions

    This flag is deprecated, but no additional flag is required because this is covered by ARMv5 and later.

    PF_ARM_MOVE_CP ARM MOVE coprocessor
    PF_ARM_VFP10 VFP10 floating-point unit (FPU)

    This flag is deprecated. For the correct flags to use, please see the other VFP flags.

    PF_ARM_MPU Support for memory protection unit (MPU) is available
    PF_ARM_WRITE_BUFFER Writeback buffer
    PF_ARM_MBX ARM MBX technology
    PF_ARM_L2CACHE Level 2 cache controller

    This flag is deprecated. For the correct flags to use, see the other L2 cache flags.

    PF_ARM_PHYSICALLY_TAGGED_CACHE Cache is, or can be, physically tagged
    PF_ARM_VFP_SINGLE_PRECISION Single precision vectored floating-point unit
    PF_ARM_VFP_DOUBLE_PRECISION Double precision vectored floating-point unit
    PF_ARM_ITCM Tightly-coupled data memory
    PF_ARM_DTCM Tightly-coupled data memory
    PF_ARM_UNIFIED_CACHE Unified cache
    PF_ARM_WRITE_BACK_CACHE Writeback cache
    PF_ARM_CACHE_CAN_BE_LOCKED_DOWN Cache can be locked down
    PF_ARM_L2CACHE_MEMORY_MAPPED Level 2 cache controller implemented as a memory-mapped peripheral
    PF_ARM_L2CACHE_COPROC Level 2 cache controller implemented as a coprocessor
    PF_ARM_INTEL_XSCALE Intel XScale processor

    This can be used to determine if the processor supports operations where src==dest.

    PF_ARM_INTEL_PMU Performance Monitor Unit (PMU)

    The following table shows the flags for MIPS processor features.

    Flag Description
    PF_MIPS_MIPSII MIPSII instruction set
    PF_MIPS_MIPSIII MIPSIII instruction set
    PF_MIPS_MIPSIV MIPSIV instruction set
    PF_MIPS_SMART_ASE MIPS smart card architecture specific extension
    PF_MIPS_MIPS16 MIPS16 instruction set
    PF_MIPS_MIPS32 MIPS32 instruction set
    PF_MIPS_MIPS64 MIPS64 instruction set
    PF_MIPS_FPU FPU support
    PF_MIPS_CPU_4KEX R4K exception model
    PF_MIPS_CPU_4KTLB R4K translation look-aside buffer (TLB) handler
    PF_MIPS_CPU_32FPR 32 double precision FP registers
    PF_MIPS_CPU_COUNTER Cycle count or compare
    PF_MIPS_CPU_WATCH Watchpoint registers
    PF_MIPS_CPU_DIVEC Dedicated interrupt vector
    PF_MIPS_CPU_VCE Virtual coherence conflict
    PF_MIPS_CPU_CACHE_CDEX Create_Dirty_Exclusive cache operation
    PF_MIPS_CPU_MCHECK Machine check exception
    PF_MIPS_PERF_COUNTER Performance counter
    PF_MIPS_ARCH_2 Architecture release 2

    The following table shows the flags for SHx processor features.

    Flag Description
    PF_SHX_SH3 SH3 instruction set
    PF_SHX_SH4 SH4 instruction set
    PF_SHX_SH5 SH5 instruction set
    PF_SHX_DSP Digital signal processor (DSP)
    PF_SHX_FPU Floating-point unit

    The following table shows the flags for x86 processor features.

    Flag Description
    PF_FLOATING_POINT_PRECISION_ERRATA Floating-point precision error
    PF_FLOATING_POINT_EMULATED Floating-point operations are emulated
    PF_COMPARE_EXCHANGE_DOUBLE Compare and exchange double operation
    PF_3DNOW_INSTRUCTIONS_AVAILABLE 3D-Now instruction set

    Note   All other PF_XXX flags to IsProcessorFeaturePresent will return FALSE.

Return Values

Returns nonzero if the processor feature is supported; otherwise, the function returns FALSE.


The PF_XXX flags in dwProcessorFeature are filtered based on the CPU type. Depending on the processor being compiled, only the PF_XXX flags corresponding to your CPU are present. If you verify support for an unsupported feature, the function returns FALSE.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.1 and later.
Header: Winbase.h.
Link Library: Coredll.dll.

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