lineGetDevCaps (Windows CE 5.0)

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This function queries a specified line device to determine its telephony capabilities. The returned data is valid for all addresses on the line device.

LONGlineGetDevCaps(HLINEAPPhLineApp,DWORD dwDeviceID,DWORDdwAPIVersion, DWORDdwExtVersion, LPLINEDEVCAPSlpLineDevCaps);


  • hLineApp
    [in] Handle to the application's registration with TAPI.
  • dwDeviceID
    [in] Identifier of the line device to be queried.
  • dwAPIVersion
    [in] Version number of TAPI to be used. The high-order word contains the major version number; the low-order word contains the minor version number. This number is obtained using the lineNegotiateAPIVersion function.
  • dwExtVersion
    [in] Not supported; set to zero.
  • lpLineDevCaps
    [out] Pointer to a variable sized structure of type LINEDEVCAPS. Upon successful completion of the request, this structure is filled with line device capabilities data. Prior to calling lineGetDevCaps, the application should set the dwTotalSize member of this structure to indicate the amount of memory available to TAPI for returning data.

Return Values

Zero indicates success. A negative error number indicates that an error occurred. The following table shows the return values for this function.

Value Description
LINEERR_BADDEVICEID Bad device id provided
LINEERR_INCOMPATIBLEEXTVERSION Extension version is incompatible
LINEERR_NODEVICE No device was found
LINEERR_NODRIVER No driver was found
LINEERR_NOMEM No memory is available
LINEERR_OPERATIONUNAVAIL The operation is unavailable
LINEERR_RESOURCEUNAVAIL The resource is unavailable
LINEERR_STRUCTURETOOSMALL The structure is too small
LINEERR_UNINITIALIZED The parameter is uninitialized


Before using lineGetDevCaps, the application must negotiate the TAPI version to use, and, if desired, the extension version to use.

The TAPI and extension version numbers are those under which TAPI and the service provider must operate. If version ranges do not overlap, the application, TAPI, or service-provider versions are incompatible and an error is returned.

One of the members in the LINEDEVCAPS structure returned by this function contains the number of addresses assigned to the specified line device. The actual address identifiers used to reference individual addresses vary from zero through one less than the returned number. The capabilities of each address can be different. Use the lineGetAddressCaps function for each available <dwDeviceID, dwAddressID> combination to determine the exact capabilities of each address.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Tapi.h.
Link Library: Coredll.lib.

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