SOAP Toolkit (Windows CE 5.0)

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The client-side SOAP Toolkit functionality in Microsoft® Windows® CE allows an application to invoke Web service operations, while the server-side functionality maps invoked Web service operations to Component Object Model (COM) object method calls.

In This Section

  • SOAP OS Design Development
    Presents information that is helpful when designing and developing a Windows CE OS design that uses the SOAP Toolkit. This includes dependencies of the SOAP Toolkit, the modules and components that implement the SOAP Toolkit, and the SOAP Toolkit SYSGEN variables.
  • SOAP Application Development
    Explains how to write code that uses the SOAP Toolkit.
  • SOAP Registry Settings
    Provides information about the configurable registry settings used by the SOAP Toolkit.
  • SOAP Security
    Provides security best practice information relevant to the SOAP Toolkit.
  • SOAP Migration
    Provides information that is useful if you are migrating from an OS design that includes the SOAP Toolkit and is based on a previous version of Windows CE.
  • SOAP Samples
    Describes sample code that uses or relates to the SOAP Toolkit.
  • SOAP Reference
    Provides reference information for the API provided by the SOAP Toolkit.

Applications and Services Development

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