Bluetooth OS Design Development (Windows CE 5.0)

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Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows devices, within a 10-meter proximity, to communicate with each other. The discovery process enables devices to query other devices about the services they offer. If a device offers more than one service, the user can select the service they want to use from that particular device.

Bluetooth is an emerging technology that is constantly being improved. New Bluetooth–based devices with increased functionality become available all the time. To keep pace with these changes, Microsoft® Windows® CE provides you with a flexible stack implementation, so that you can easily add new supports to enhance the base stack functionality of Windows CE. For example, Windows CE provides you with the ability to write a stack extension layer, to which you can easily add your own synchronous connection-oriented (SCO) support.

In This Section

  • Bluetooth Overview
    Provides information about the modules and components that implement Bluetooth, and the Sysgen variables that must be set to include and configure Bluetooth functionalities in your OS design.
  • Bluetooth Protocol Architecture
    Describes the Bluetooth protocol stack that enables the re-use of existing protocols for various functions.
  • Bluetooth Profiles
    Describes the supported Bluetooth profiles in Microsoft® Windows® CE.
  • Creating a Bluetooth Stack Extension Layer
    Provides information about how to create an extension layer for the Bluetooth stack.
  • Host Controller Interface
    Provides information about HCI events, commands, callbacks, and IOCTLs, opening and closing connections to the HCI layer, packet buffering and fragmentation, and the steps required to write a Bluetooth HCI stack extension layer that is installed on top of the HCI layer.
  • How to Capture Log Data by Using the BTLog Tool
    Provides step-by-step instructions about how to use the BTLog tool to convert CeLog data to a readable HTML format.
  • Bluetooth Application Development
    Describes the supported Bluetooth profiles in Microsoft® Windows® CE and provides information about how an application can use Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth
    Provides information about Bluetooth support in Microsoft® Windows® CE.
  • Bluetooth HCI Transport Driver
    Provides information about the Bluetooth host controller interface (HCI) transport driver.
  • Bluetooth Protocol Stack
    Describes the Bluetooth Protocol Stack and includes information about the stack implementation in Microsoft® Windows® CE.

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