Simplified Chinese MSPY 3.0 IME (Windows CE 5.0)

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The Simplified Chinese MSPY 3.0 IME functionality in Windows CE supports the Microsoft Pinyin (MSPY) Input Method Editor (IME) 3.0 for Simplified Chinese. MSPY 3.0 functions as a sentence-based input method. It uses an intelligent, bigram-based language model and has self-learning capability with a high degree of accuracy. MSPY 3.0 allows you to select one of three lexical databases, as show in the following table.

Database Size
Minimal 1.1 MB
Compact 1.3 MB
Standard 1.7 MB

The following table shows the new functionality supported by MSPY 3.0 for Windows CE 5.0.

Functionality Description
End User-Defined Phrase (EUDP) EUDP enables users to define a customized phrase inline. Users can select the phrase in the composition string and then press the ENTER key on the target device if they are using a hardware keyboard, or choose the "Phrase" button if they are using the Shuang Ping on-screen keyboard. EUDP support is configurable through the registry.
Self-learning capability MSPY 3.0 remembers user modifications in the composition window and adjusts the occurrence frequency of a specific word or string that is entered by the user whenever applicable. This functionality is always enabled and cannot be disabled. For more information about the composition window, see Using the IME Composition Window.
Double Spelling (Shuang Pin) Input Method On-screen keyboard that supports Double Spelling (Shuang Pin) input. This input method provides an advanced phonetic input model that requires fewer keystrokes.

MSPY 3.0 also supports the following configurable options:

  • Hiding or showing the accelerator in the candidate list.

  • Hiding or showing the MSPY 3.0 status window.

  • Setting the horizontal or vertical candidate list.

  • Setting the default input mode.

  • Auto-switching the input mode according to the state of the Software-based Input Panel (SIP).

  • Displaying or hiding a property user interface (UI).

  • Customizing hot keys.

    Note   Because of the dependencies between this IM and the Input Method Editor (IME), the MSPY 3.0 Shuang Pin IM does not work in a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) scenario.

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