INITCOMMONCONTROLSEX (structure) (Windows CE 5.0)

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This structure carries information used to load common control classes from the dynamic-link library (DLL). This structure is used with InitCommonControlsEx (function).



  • dwSize**
    Specifies the size of the structure, in bytes.
  • dwICC**
    Indicates which common control classes will be loaded from the DLL. It can be a combination of the following values.
    Value Description
    ICC_ANIMATE_CLASS Loads the animation control class.
    ICC_BAR_CLASSES Loads toolbar, status bar, trackbar, and command bar classes.
    ICC_CAPEDIT_CLASS Loads the capitalization edit control class.
    ICC_COOL_CLASSES Loads the rebar control class.
    ICC_DATE_CLASSES Loads the date and time-picker control class.
    ICC_LISTVIEW_CLASSES Loads list view and header control classes.
    ICC_PROGRESS_CLASS Loads the progress bar control class.
    ICC_FE_CLASSES Loads the single-width East Asian edit control subclasses.
    ICC_TAB_CLASSES Loads the tab control classes.
    ICC_TOOLTIP_CLASSES Loads the ToolTip control classes.
    ICC_TREEVIEW_CLASSES Loads the tree view control classes.
    ICC_UPDOWN_CLASS Loads the Up-Down control class.


Windows CE does not support the ICC_HOTKEY_CLASS, ICC_INTERNET_CLASSES, or ICC_USEREX_CLASSES flags in the dwICC member.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.0 and later.
Header: Commctrl.h.

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