DefaultInstall (Windows CE 5.0)

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The [DefaultInstall] section is required and describes the default installation of your application.

Note   If you want to use the .inf file to target multiple processors or platforms that you specify, append an unique label that indicates the platform to the section name to distinguish the sections. For more information, see CEDevice.



  • shortcut_list_section
    String that identifies one more sections which define shortcuts to a file.

    For more information about the syntax to use, see CEShortcuts.

  • setup_DLL
    Optional string specifying a Setup.dll file, which must be specified in the [SourceDisksFiles] section. This file must contain customized functions for operations during installation and removal of the application.

  • self_reg_DLL_filename
    String which identifies files that self-register on the target device at installation time. You must also specify these files in the [SourceDisksFiles] section.

    At installation time on the target device, the installer automatically loads the DLL and calls the DllRegisterServer Component Object Model (COM) function. If this function call fails, then the installation fails.

    At uninstall time, the uninstaller automatically calls the DllUnregisterServer COM function.

The following code example uses this format:

CopyFiles = CopyToInstallDir,CopyToWindows
AddReg = RegSettings
CEShortcuts = Shortcuts
CESetupDLL = SetupDLLFileName.dll
CESelfRegister = SelfRegDLLFileName.dll

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